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To speak of wilderness is to speak of wholeness. Human beings come out of that wholeness. ~ Gary Snyder

Feedback we've received:

Rob and Sebastiana led ... us into a deeper awareness of ourselves through being present and alive to the natural world. A nourishing oasis in a busy life!" 

“Robert and Sebastiana led us by the hand into a different way of thinking and being...

Upcoming Workshops 

with Ecotherapy East

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Encountering the Depths: 

Dreamwork and the Deep Imagination

Sunday 10th September- 10am - 5pm

Lakenham Sea Scouts, Norwich NR1 2NW

Sliding Scale: £40 – £80

The problem

As individuals we can often get caught up in overwhelming feelings of stress, alienation, burnout, and a lack of sense of meaning and purpose. We can spend our lives trying to prove we have value and are worthy of belonging, rather than welcoming ourselves for who we are. We can feel that our souls are empty, desperate, diminished and impoverished. Much of our culture is dedicated to numbness, distraction and forgetting.

The solution

Profound purpose and meaning in your life is accessible through dreams and deep imagery. Your shadow or unconscious is full of everything you need and it is ever present. All you have to do is learn how to see it and work with it’s language. This workshop is about cultivating intimacy with your soul, re-animating our world and brings back its shine.

The deficiency, grief and sense of loss that we attribute to a failure of ourselves, is actually an emptiness where a beautiful, strange otherness can be encountered.

"The world and the gods are dead or alive according to the condition of our souls." -James Hillman

In this session you will:

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Robert Black

07775 809976

as we return to the world through imagination, through affection, through attention, as we face the world with soul, sensing inmate aliveness that is present there, the world regains its physic depths, it regains its soul.’ ~Francis Weller

What is Ecothearpy East, CIC?

Ecotherapy East is a social enterprise that helps:

In ecotherapy we recognise that our well-being is closely related with the well-being our ecosystems. Encouraging an awareness of our connection with nature not only means that we feel a greater sense of belonging in our lives, but it also inspires us to take action to protect nature. Gradually we see with more and more clarity that our well-being is intimately intertwined with the well-being of my community, my ecosystem and the rest of nature, so taking care of ecosystems is closely related to my own.

We offer nature connection and mindfulness workshops, space for outdoor events that deepen our relationship with ourselves and more than human world, as well as practical opportunities to tend the land and participate in nature walks. Please see our social media sites, links above, for more up-to-date information about what's coming up.

I also offer one-to-one Ecotherapy sessions outdoors.

Don't hesitate to be in touch if you have any questions.

Monthly Land Care events

Contact us for this month's date.

Bramfield, Suffolk


Tending the land in community is a great opportunity to practice reciprocity with the natural world and a proven way to reduce eco-anxiety. It also keeps us fit, and gives us a sense of purpose and belonging.

We generally gather at 10:30 to tend the land. We usually looking after the trees, and creating and maintaining diverse habitats.

We will have lunch around 1pm. Please bring packed lunch, gloves, tools for that day's tasks, clothes for the weather, plenty of water (there is no drinking water on the meadow) and flask with a hot drink if you wish.

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Past Events 2022

Robert and Sebastiana ( are both trained counsellors and ecotherapists, as well as mindfulness and self-compassion teachers. They both use expressive arts when working in nature to deepen our participation. Robert has a keen interest in bird watching and plants, and will guide us to notice the soundscapes around us. Sebastiana will engage us in a more embodied relating with the natural world, using movement and voice, opening our sensitivity to both the inner and outer landscapes. Robert runs Active Hope courses and both he and Sebastiana are eager to support earth stewardship wherever possible.