Spirituality (transpersonal), growth and healing 

For those interested, we can take a deeper look into what some call the spiritual or transpersonal aspects of their life.

I have a lot of experience looking at life using different spiritual and psychological traditions taking this deeper reality into account.  More specifically my study has been around the work of 

Exploring your spirituality is especially fruitful in the context of psychological work. Spiritual traditions do a great job of helping us wake up to deeper realms, but sometimes they leave blind spots because they were developed before our culture developed psychological awareness.

I can help you explore your inner world, and to look out for common pitfalls. 

Bill Plotkin: I am particularly interested in the work of Bill Plotkin currently. His work on spirituality is very helpful, making clear 2 types or areas of transpersonal work: Soul and Spirit. The model below may be useful to you. I'm happy to explain this more to you. Do get in touch.